About us

'Ain't it a treat' rhymes with street and that's what it means in Cockney.

Our clothes and accessories are for those who love urban style, who like to stand out in a crowd and are not afraid to be different.

Our garments are made only by young and independent designers and artists. The items you will find here are part of limited editions, so you can be sure that you will be wearing something unique and special.

So who are we?
A story of AIN'T IT A TREAT!shop

During one crazy, flowing with beer, night on a beach in Thailand, two sisters decided that they are fed up with sitting behind desks and they want to create their own future.
'Why don't we sell something?' said one.

Because it was an ambiguous question, the other one thought a bit about it and agreed that 'selling something' will be better than making a coffee for her boss till the rest of her life.

Few months later they found that 'something': beautiful hand made jewellery, edgy looking t-shirts and tights they had never seen before in their lives.
That's how the AIN'T SHOP was created!

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Joanna and Magdalena 

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